S-OIL selects GT-BTX PluS℠ unit

Sulzer GTC Technology will provide its GT-BTX PluS technology to S-OIL Corporation, one of the leading petrochemical and refining companies in the Asia Pacific region. The contract calls for license of a GT-BTX PluS unit as part of S-OIL’s worldscale Residue Upgrading Complex Project (RUCP). GT-BTX PluS, used for sulfur removal and aromatics recovery from FCC gasoline, is the most innovative and economical solution when compared to other desulfurization processes. By removing sulfur to very low levels without hydrotreating the full stream, the olefinic content of the feed is preserved. Other advantages of GT-BTX PluS include:

  • Raffinate product with low sulfur and aromatic content, which can be directed to premium gasoline blending or other process units for product upgrade
  • No octane loss in the olefin rich fraction
  • Reduction in H2 consumption (no olefin saturation)
  • Alternative for benzene management in fuels and gain additional benzene volume
  • Aromatics recovery, which has better margins as petrochemical value

“S-OIL is setting the standard for process integration efficiency, which positions the company to achieve sustainable long-term growth in Korea, and in the highly competitive global market”, according to Joseph C. Gentry, GTC’s Director of Global Licensing. “GT-BTX PluS is the unique technology that can upgrade these types of fuel components into valuable petrochemicals— and directs the molecules to their highest value.” The plant will be operational by 2017.

Joseph C Gentry

Joseph C. Gentry
Sulzer GTC’s Director of Global Licensing