Hengli GT-BTX℠ Unit Passes Performance Test Run

Capacity 1.7 mm tpa
Solvent Losses <1ppm
Aromatics Recovery 99.8%
Benzene Purity 99.9%

November 4, 2019 – In July, Hengli approved the performance test run report of the #1 and #2 GT-BTX℠ Aromatics Extraction Units, which signifies that both of the units passed all the guarantee numbers and have been successfully accepted by Hengli.

The performance test run was conducted in the middle of June, under the supervision and guidance of Zhao Lei and Sun Baode, two technical advisers from Sulzer GTC Beijing. After a 72-hour operation period, the operation data and analytical data were processed, and the performance test run report was prepared by Hengli’s engineers.

Shenghong GT-BTX Unit Signed Tower Internals Supply Contract

During its existence, Sulzer GTC Beijing has:

  • Licensed 35 units, including:
      • 13 GT-BTX℠
      • 5 Isomalk℠-2
      • 5 Isomalk℠3
      • 5 GT-Styrene℠
      • 4 GT-BTX℠ PluS
  • World’s largest GT-BTX℠ unit under operation at Hengli
  • World’s largest GT-BTX℠ unit under construction at Shenghong
  • World’s largest GT-Styrene℠ unit under construction at ZPC

Also in July, Shenghong signed a contract for Sulzer GTC Beijing to supply proprietary tower internals for Shenghong’s world-scale GT-BTX℠ unit. Shenghong’s GT-BTX℠ unit has 4MMTA feed capacity, including two identical lines each with 2MMTA capacity. It will be the largest aromatics extraction unit in the world when brought on line in mid-2021. The contract value is approximately $2.5 million with the supply of scope including the tower internals for both the Extractive Distillation Column and the Solvent Recovery Column.