Sulzer GTC Wins Award from JG Summit for BTX Extraction Unit

HOUSTON, Texas, November 9, 2016 — Sulzer GTC Technology has signed an agreement with JG Summit Petrochemical Corp to provide its GT-BTX and GT-DWC℠ licensed technologies for an aromatics extraction unit at JG Summit’s petrochemical complex in Batangas, the Philippines.

JG Summit currently has approximately 210,000 tonnes/year pyrolysis gasoline (pygas). After the cracker expansion, capacity will increase to approximately 300,000 tonnes/year. The combination of GT-BTX℠ and GT-DWC℠ will be designed to process JG Summit’s expanded pygas capacity to produce around 170,000 tonnes/year of BTX (benzene-toluene-xylenes). The new BTX unit also will have the flexibility to switch between benzene-toluene extraction only or the full range of benzene-toluene-xylenes extraction.

“We are very pleased to work with JG Summit Petrochemicals on their cracker expansion and believe that our GT-BTX and GT-DWC processes will provide great value to them,” said Charlie Chou, Sulzer GTC Global Licensing Manager. “The top-notch GT-BTX℠ full-range aromatic extraction combining with GT-DWC℠ dividing wall column process is an innovative and reliable method to serve all kinds of aromatics plants, and further enhance GTC’s position in bringing the best value to the aromatics industry.”