GT-BTX Units Installation in China

Work is progressing on two Sulzer GTC projects in China.  For Hengli (Dalian) Refinery and Petrochemical Co., Sulzer GTC is providing two aromatics extraction units using GT-BTX.  The two units will be the largest of their kind in the world, with a combined capacity of 3MMTA of benzene, toluene and xylenes.

For DongYing YaTong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of China, Sulzer GTC is installing a 550kta GT-BTX aromatics extraction/ separation unit. The installation is the first GT-DWC application in China for aromatics separation.

The projects are a collaborative effort between four Sulzer GTC offices: Beijing and Houston (licensing), and Beijing, Non-san and Euless (tower internals design and manufacturing).

RongRong Zhang, Senior Process Engineer/Sulzer GTC Beijing, is the Installation Supervisor with support from Renwei ‘Rain’ Wang, Engineer/Sulzer GTC Beijing.


At the Hengli plant above, GTC’s GT-BTX process is being installed in two units (1.5MMTA each). These will be the world’s largest aromatics extraction units.
For DongYing YaTong Petrochemical Co., Sulzer GTC is providing the technology for a solvent recovery column (SRC), dividing wall column (DWC), and extraction distillation column (EDC).