Sulzer GTC Isom Unit Exceeding All Expectations at BPCL Refinery

Sulzer GTC Technology’s NHT and Isomerization unit for the Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ltd. (BPCL) refinery in Mumbai, India, has exceeded all performance expectations since start-up on July 8, 2017. The unit, utilizing low-temperature Isomalk-2℠ process technology, produces an isomerate gasoline blend stock component. The overall process includes a naphtha hydrotreating and fractionation section, and isomerization section.

The unit is among several isomerization units provided by the Sulzer GTC / Neftehim partnership. Additionally, this project is the first installation by Sulzer GTC of a top dividing wall column (GT-TDWC℠).

The project was a large and complex endeavor, with newer technologies (GT-TDWC℠, FGH production at high quality) under close scrutiny and a demanding schedule. Sulzer GTC met all of 56 guarantees for product specification and utility consumption. Additionally, the unit is operating at 10% over the capacity of the basic engineering package design.

Alok Saxena, Managing Director-Sulzer GTC India, Pradeep Pawar, Sulzer GTC Houston Project Manager, Manish Bhargava, Technical Director – Sulzer GTC Advanced Distillation Systems, Prabhat Kumar Jha, Sr. Process Engineer-Sulzer GTC India, and Ashishkumar Shah, Sr. Process/Technical Services Engineer-Sulzer GTC India, were each instrumental in the project’s success and BPCL’s satisfaction.