Conference Calling

Radu details a fine point to a DA2018 delegate.
Ilya goes the liquid pygas route.

GTC’s conference participation has been very active this fall.

DA 2018 is a conference for Distillation and Absorption held every four years in Florence, Italy.  Radu Ignat, Head of Advanced Distillation Technology/Sulzer GTC Romania, made an oral presentation as well as two ‘poster’ presentations with the emphasis on GTC’s dividing wall column processes.

Meanwhile at Moscow Week, Ilya Aranovich, Director/Licensing-Europe, CIS & North America, made two presentations: Liquid Pygas Monetization Routes – Modernizing Olefins Production Facilities and GT-DWC: Dividing Wall Columns – Best Practices for RefinersIgor Rogov, Director of GTC’s representative sales office in St. Petersburg, Russia, presented Advanced Separation Solutions for Modern Petrochemical Facilities.

Sashikant spreading the DWC word in Thailand.

And Sashikant Madgula, Regional Sales Manager/Southeast Asia, presented “An Insider’s View of Dividing Wall Columns’ at the annual ASIA-TECH conference in Bangkok.