Sulzer GTC Beijing Completes Hengli Tower Installation

A Hengli engineer (at left) accompanies Sulzer GTC Beijing’s Renwei ’Rain’ Wang and Rongrong Zhang during the inspection.

Sulzer GTC Beijing recently completed the installation and inspection of tower internals for a GT-BTX unit at Hengli Petrochemical’s facility in Dalian, China. This complex has the world’s largest aromatics extraction units with a combined capacity of 3MMTA of benzene, toluene and xylenes. Two identical series of internals met client approval after Sulzer GTC field service experts’ inspection.

Due to the complex design of the internals, Hengli’s deputy general manager personally met with the installers and supervision team to ensure the drawings were understood and followed exactly. Arrangements were then made for one to two staff members to supervise the internals installation for each tower. With the peak of the installation period in July, the temperature averaged around 30°C (86°F), but Sulzer GTC field service staff and Hengli supervisors climbed the towers every day and measured more than ten installation indicators on each tray, including the level of the tray floors, outlet and inlet weir height, downcomer clearance, tray spacing and so on. Meanwhile, photos were made of all the measured values and archived, and installation reports were prepared using the photos.

The Hengli plant used GT-BTX℠ technology for the extractive distillation column (EDC) and solvent recovery column (SRC).

Despite the tight deadlines, technical problems were resolved quickly to stay on schedule. During the inspection of the two Solvent Recovery Columns (SRC), some fasteners in the top mist eliminator were found to be loose. After reviewing and discussing the problem, a decision was made to replace all of the fasteners. As one of the Sulzer GTC field service staff said, “We can’t let our client face any risk, even if it is extremely low.” Sulzer GTC quickly redesigned the fasteners and replaced all of them in a very short time.

With dedication to doing the project right from both Hengli and GTC, the installation process proceeded smoothly. As a result of this cooperation, the installation was completed in a short time to Hengli’s satisfaction and approval.