Sulzer GTC Europe Wins Award with INA for supply of Crude Column and Engineering Services for CDU Revamp

Sulzer GTC Technology Europe has won a crude distillation unit (CDU) revamp project from INA (Industrija Nafte Rijeka Refinery) in Croatia. INA, a stock company with MOL Plc. and the Republic of Croatia as its biggest shareholders, is a medium-sized European oil company with a leading role in the Croatian oil industry and a strong position in the region. The main goal of the project is the CDU debottlenecking to process three different crudes along with improved energy efficiency and a higher capacity of 600 tons per hour (90,500 bpd). The project’s scope includes the delivery / replacement of the main fractionation column, including new internals and Process & Feasibility study, followed by a complete FEED package, preparation of documentation for building permits and various on-site technical services.

Kamil Parusek, Sulzer GTC’s Director of EPCm Business, relates that, “the key factor in INA’s selection was GTC’s offering of a clear technical solution; lump sum price; short but viable project schedule; and cooperation with a local engineering partner having knowledge of the customer and plant.”

The first step of the execution is the design and ordering of the column shell in order to meet the fixed date of the refinery turnaround (Dec. 31, 2018). The column manufacturing and supply is the biggest challenge of the project. It will be delivered in one piece, insulated and with installed internals to minimize the on-site assembly due to a short turnaround period and lack of space.