Whether for a revamp or grass roots facility, Sulzer GTC Technology provides process designs with the best return on investment (ROI). Heavy oil processing units in a refinery require engineers experienced in refinery operations, troubleshooting, equipment and process design to develop reliable designs, especially for the hard-to-process heavy crudes. GTC’s core group of engineers have years of experience in refineries with ‘hands on’ experience in overcoming process limitations and improving refining profitability.

Revamp Methodology
To revamp of a processing unit at a minimum cost requires a detailed and rigorous analysis of alternate flow schemes and changes in operation to overcome existing equipment limitations. One way this can be done is by taking advantage of under-utilized equipment. A common mistake is assuming a revamp project can be broken down into evaluating the individual pieces of equipment or circuits to develop the modifications necessary in meeting revamp objectives. However, a big picture perspective is needed to arrive at the proper solutions at a minimum expenditure. It is critical that highly-qualified engineers plan the conceptual design phase of a project to develop the flow scheme and equipment modifications necessary to provide the best ROI for the refiner. Improper design will lead to engineering rework, cost overruns, missed schedules, poor ROI, and/or a project that does not meet the processing objectives.

Heavy Oil Processing Units
Sulzer GTC Technology’s Heavy Oil processing expertise includes:
• Atmospheric Crude Units
• Fuels Vacuum Units
• Lube Vacuum Units
• Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units
• Delayed Coker Units

Sulzer GTC uses proven methods to provide reliable designs that provide the refiner with the best return on investment:
• Test runs with performance evaluations
• Conceptual process design
• Basic Engineering Packages (Schedule A)
• Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
• Detailed Engineering Support
• Inspection services
• Start-up support

Additional information for these services and other available Sulzer GTC engineering services are listed under the ENGINEERING SERVICES section of this website.

Sulzer GTC utilizes a broad array of tools in project execution. Some of the key tools used by Sulzer GTC include:
• Aspen
• CFD Modeling
• EstPro Cost estimation
• 3D Model Drafting
• AutoCAD

For more information contact:
Gary R. Martin
Business Development Manager
Refining Technologies