Sulzer GTC offers a wide range of refining technologies to address specific problems, from benzene management and sulfur reduction to boosting octane. Our technologies coupled with extensive experience maximizing distillation hardware performance allows us to offer unique solutions to address difficult design and operating problems.

Aromatics Recovered from FCC Gasoline – GT‑BTX PluS℠

A variation of GT-BTX, GT-BTX PluS helps produce low sulfur gasoline meeting the 10 ppm limit of sulfur without change in octane value.

Heavy Oil Processing Units

Heavy oil processing units in a refinery require engineers experienced in refinery operations, troubleshooting, equipment and process design to develop reliable designs, especially for the hard-to-process heavy crudes.

Benzene Saturation – GT-BenZap℠

GT-BenZap is suggested for refineries limited by economies of scale required for benzene extraction or for units located in remote areas away from benzene consumers.

Dividing Wall Column

Sulzer GTC Technology’s process equipment technology offerings can include the dividing wall column (DWC), which separates a multi-component feed into three or more purified streams within a single tower, thereby eliminating the need for a second column.