Sulzer GTC has a series of polyester technologies, which apply in case-specific situations. These all integrate together to improve process efficiency, solve specific problems, or make selective debottlenecks. GTC’s portfolio includes paraxylene and meta-xylene raw materials, DMT and PTA, and continuous melt phase polymerization for PET.

GT-DMT℠ – Dimethyl Terephthalate

The technology addresses oxidation, distillation, esterification, crystallization, and waste-water treatment resulting in lower energy consumption, increased capacity, and yield improvements.

GT-CAR℠ – Carboxylic Acid Recovery

Our GT-CAR carboxylic acid recovery technology that combines liquid-liquid extraction technology with distillation to recover and concentrate carboxylic acids from wastewater.


Unlike traditional PTA purification methods, Sulzer GTC Technology’s GT-PTA family of processes has incorporated critical changes that place it as the forerunner of the next generation of PTA production.

GT-TolAlk℠ — Dividing Wall Column

Toluene methylation is an effective and economical solution to maximize PX yields by adding the methyl group from low-cost methanol to the aromatic ring. GT-TolAlk introduces a new way to derive PX while eliminating benzene production.