Heavy Aromatic Recovery Technology – GT-HART℠

Sulzer GTC Technology offers its GT-HART process to extract high purity naphthalene, heavy aromatic solvents (including aromatic wash oil) and other higher valued components from the heavier gas oil fraction from naphtha crackers producing ethylene.

Process Description

With the GT-HART heavy aromatics recovery process, light ends and the very heavy components of the gas oil range fraction, referred to as pyrolysis gas oil (PGO) and light fuel oil (LFO), are removed via distillation. Using Sulzer GTC’s proprietary tower internals, the middle cut is further fractionated to a naphthalene concentrate and a heavy aromatic. The naphthalene concentrate is then processed into a 78 – 80°C purity naphthalene using Sulzer GTC’s crystallization process (depending upon the derivative market served), while the heavy aromatic fraction is distilled into heavy aromatic solvents and wash oils.

Process Advantages

  • Produces 79 to 80°C naphthalene
  • Produces heavy aromatic solvents and wash oils
  • Provides cracker operators with value added products from a fuel valued byproduct stream