GT-Isoprene℠ is a single stage isoprene extraction technology using proprietary solvent.  The technology uses less energy and equipment compared to competitive traditional extraction processes and uses corrosion-free environmentally friendly solvent unlike acetonitrile (ACN) and dimethyl formamide (DMF).

The GT-Isoprene process consists of a crude isoprene pretreatment section to remove sulfur, C5 acetylene hydrogenation to selectively saturate the C5 acetylenes, single stage extractive distillation and a stripping section to produce an isoprene concentrate stream (up to 85%) and a super fractionation section to achieve SIS (styrene-isoprene-styrene tri-block polymer) grade isoprene.

Process Advantages:

  • Single stage extractive distillation
  • Selective C5 acetylene saturation and sulfur removal process produces gasoline blend quality raffinate
  • Less number of stages and equipment in the purification section compared to traditional superfractionation
  • Finishing section requires no hot or cold utility
  • 80% less energy compared to conventional superfractionation
  • Solvent has very low skin permeability, high stability and poses no issues in the presence of water unlike DMF and ACN
  • Improved extraction efficiency compared to traditional solvents
  • GT-Isoprene uses GTC’s proprietary solvent that has none of the water contamination or material corrosion issues that traditional solvents like DMF and ACN have. Fewer corrosion issues lead to reduced chemical consumption, lower energy consumption compared to DMF/ACN based technologies and minimum solvent loss compared to DMF/ACN based technologies.  A polymer removal system increases the life and efficiency of the solvent.