GT-C5℠ is an optimized technology for producing valuable C5 and C10 components that are suitable for producing hydrocarbon resins.

The GT-C5 process consists of five operating steps:

  1. Fractionation to remove light boiling components;
  2. Two stage dimerization reaction for selective production of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) and codimers;
  3. Fractionation section to remove crude isoprene and similar boiling components;
  4. Third stage selective dimerization reaction to enhance the DCPD yield;
  5. Fractionation section to produce piperylenes (PIPS) and DCPD suitable for hydrocarbon resin production.

Process Advantages:

  • Proprietary staged dimerization process to gain more flexibility
  • Capable of producing DCPD stream loaded with codimers to minimize external purchase for hydrocarbon resin production
  • Flexibility to operate the unit to maximize the isoprene recovery
  • Optimum energy scheme to produce piperylene stream rich in components that are ideally suited for C5 resin production
  • Improved isoprene concentration in the crude isoprene stream
  • Capability to produce up to 85% pure DCPD