Process Licensing

Sulzer GTC’s portfolio petrochemical technology process licenses focus on high growth areas of olefins, plant by-product upgrading and the chain of polyester intermediates. Our products and extensive experience enables clients to seamlessly integrate our processes across business lines. Listed below is an overview of our petrochemical technologies offered.

GT-BTX PluS℠ – Aromatics Recovery

GT-BTX is Sulzer GTC’s aromatics recovery technology that uses extractive distillation to remove benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX) from refinery or petrochemical aromatics streams such as catalytic reformate or pyrolysis gasoline.

GT-Styrene℠ – Styrene Recovery

GT-Styrene is our extractive distillation (ED) process that directly recovers styrene from the raw pyrolysis gasoline derived from the steam cracking of naphtha, gasoils and natural gas liquids (NGLs).

GT-STDP℠ – Selective Toluene Disproportionation Conversion

GT-STDP, our selective toluene conversion process technology, produces benzene and para-enriched xylenes from toluene disproportionation.

CrystPX℠ - Paraxylene Recovery

CrystPX℠ is Sulzer GTC’s modern suspension crystallization technology for production of paraxylene (PX). The process can be applied in a single-stage for concentrated PX feedstock or in two stages for equilibrium xylenes feed.

Isom Px℠ – Xylene Isomerization Process

GT-IsomPX℠ is Sulzer GTC’s xylene isomerization technology available in two versions: EB isomerization type and EB dealkylation type.

GT-TransAlk℠ – Transalkylation

GT-TransAlk℠ is Sulzer GTC’s transalkylation process that produces benzene and xylenes from toluene and/or heavy aromatics streams.

C5 Processing

Sulzer GTC offers two technologies to recover DCPD and PIPS for making hydrocarbon resin and SIS/polymer grade isoprene.

GT-Aromatization℠ – Aromatics Recovery

GT-Aromatization℠ is Sulzer GTC’s aromatization technology that is used to convert light naphtha and mixed feeds to aromatics and gasoline.