Isomalk-4: C7 Isomerization Process

Isomalk-4 is a low-temperature isomerization technology for processing C7 paraffins contained in wide-range naphtha streams. In a conventional refinery configuration, C7 paraffins are distributed to the C5-C6 isomerization unit and the reformer. These components tend to reduce the overall yield of the liquid products, to lower RON of the gasoline and to form unwanted amounts of benzene.

This innovative process allows isomerization of the hydrocarbon stream to achieve a low-RVP gasoline component with 84-86 RON while improving the operation of the other naphtha-processing units. By applying Isomalk-4, the wide-range naphtha can yield over 90 wt% liquid having a 95-98 RON, with benzene content < 0.6 vol.% — meeting required gasoline specifications without any additional blending.

The inclusion of Isomalk-4 in the refinery configuration gives a 2.1 wt%. gain of liquids, a higher 1.5 RON value, and lower overall benzene and aromatics. The SI-4 catalyst provides high conversion rates and approaches thermal equilibrium at low temperatures. The SI-4 catalyst exhibits superior activity alongside stability, simplicity and safety in operation. Features of the Isomalk-4 technology include:

  • Process capability to produce 84-86 RON from the standalone unit
  • Low operating costs
  • Regenerable catalyst with superior tolerance to process impurities and water
  • No chloride addition or caustic treatment needed; no wastes produced
  • Mass yield > 93%
  • Service life of SI-4 catalyst: 8-10 years

Isomalk-4 is licensed in partnership by Sulzer GTC and NPP Neftehim.