Sulzer GTC’s structured packing is designed to help clients achieve higher capacity, higher efficiency and lower pressure drop.  When selecting structured packing, we advise our clients to consider several parameters that influence the performance of the equipment including crimp height, crimp inclination angle, element height, surface treatment, fouling tendency, system properties and service.  Our corrugated sheet structured packing, the industry standard clients have come to expect, can be modified through the packing geometry, surface treatment and manipulation of variables in order to increase efficiency and capacity.  Below is a full listing of our structured packing offerings.

Industry Standard Corrugated Sheet Packing

Sulzer GTC’s high efficiency structured packing, GT-PAKTM is designed to achieve maximum efficiency in column revamps or grassroots units and is available in perforated, textured or corrugated sheet metal and can be customized for all major surface area requirements. To simplify installation, the corrugated sheets that make up our structured packing modules are assembled with screws, and periphery column wall wiper banding is attached prior to shipment. These enhancements ensure a stronger, more robust structured packing module that is easier to handle in the field during installation.

High Capacity Structured Packing

GT-OPTIMTM PAK, Sulzer GTC’s product line of high performance structured packing, is designed to deliver greater column throughput at the same efficiency as traditional structured packing.  GT-OPTIM PAK can be used in a wide range of application settings and is designed to optimize film flow vapor-liquid mixing, reduce pressure drop, increase capacity and provide excellent separation efficiency.

High Performance Packing

GT-OPTIM-eTM PAK is Sulzer GTC’s high performance large crimp structured packing that combines the advantages of increased charge rates, lower pressure drops and reduced energy requirements to create a higher capacity and efficiency packing compared to conventional trays.  Our high performance large crimp structured packing features enhanced surface treatment and has been commercially proven to increase vacuum gas oil (VGO) lift from the vacuum residue (VR).

Aqueous Service Structured Packing

Sulzer GTC has developed GT-AQUATM PAK, a product line of aqueous service structured packing that optimizes the spreading turbulence required for high efficiency within an aqueous system. GT-AQUA PAK is best suited for high surface tension systems.  We work closely with clients to evaluate design separation efficiencies prior to making a selection of packing for acetic acid-water, acrylonitrile-water, acetone-water, alcohols-water, ethylene glycol and water-DMF systems.

Anti-Fouling Packing

Sulzer GTC has developed GT-GRIDTMand GT-MixGRIDTM, a product line of grid packing ranging from industry standard bar-grating-latice type grids to industry standard corrugated sheet style grids.  Our anti-fouling packing is designed to remove heavy metals, con-carbons, and residue entrainment in crude atmospheric and vacuum distillation column wash sections. Our GT-GRID and GT-MixGRID are suited for heat transfer sections such as a slurry pumparound section of a FCC main fractionator. The anti-fouling packing is designed to address high-temperature severe conditions that have coking or polymerization sediment. When clients require high throughput and fouling resistance, Sulzer GTC’s grids combined with the appropriate distributor are the best solution for delivering industry leading performance.