The importance of column internal design is often overlooked in most packed column designs. Vapor and liquid distribution are of critical importance to ensure the efficient performance of distillation columns.  Sulzer GTC offers a wide range of GT-SMARTTM column internals which include liquid/vapor distributors, collector trays, and packing supporting/retaining devices.  We can upgrade any internals that require heavy-duty mechanical design in flashing-feed systems.  Below is a listing of our packed column offerings; for more information, please contact us.

Liquid Distributors

Sulzer GTC’s liquid distributor product line is designed to reach high-quality initial liquid dispersion in packed columns.  We offer trough type distributors, pan type distributors, tray type distributors, deck type distributors and pipe type distributors.  All of our liquid distributors can be constructed from standard or exotic materials with optimum distribution configuration to maximize column coverage and turndown.


Feed distribution is a critical component to achieving desired column performance.  Pre-Distributors for flashing feeds are especially important for controlling phase separation, momentum, and direction of the fluids.  Varieties of hooded pipes, perforated pipes, vee baffles, and vapor horns built from carbon and alloy steel can be designed to optimize tower performance.  Our liquid feed piping designs feature T-pipe, H-pipe, straight pipe or multi-lateral pipe configurations providing quality distribution of liquid and vapor.   We also offer GT-OPTIMFLOWTM , our radial type distributor featuring tangential or radial nozzles and de-entrainment vanes designed to achieve excellent phase separation and distribution.

Liquid Collection Trays

Sulzer GTC’s collector redistributor trays are specially designed for transitions and liquid draw requirements.  We offer collector trays and vane type collection/redistribution trays that can be customized to suit pressure drop, liquid rate gradient, fouling, slurry and other process considerations.  Fully seal-welded or bolted designs are available for applications of total draw-off to various downcomer and overflow designs.  Our products can also be built from standard or exotic materials featuring a variety of shapes and configurations.

Packing Retaining Devices

Sulzer GTC’s packing retaining devices are designed to optimize performance of packed bed systems.  Bed limiter, hold down grid, injection plate and support grid are available for retaining various types of packing.  All of our packing retaining devices are designed for quick installation and achieve minimal pressure drop.