At Sulzer GTC we work with each client to customize our extensive line of mass transfer technology trays for different process conditions from high pressure to vacuum conditions, fouling, polymerization and chemical reaction.  We offer a wide variety of active devices including floating or fixed, rectangular or round, sieve, bubble caps and shed decks among others.  All of our trays are designed to achieve optimum capacity and efficiency and our technology applies fundamental principles such as:

  • Liquid gradient elimination
  • Static head control
  • Plug flow optimization
  • Vapor dispersion injectors/contactors
  • Optimum vapor-liquid-distribution
  • Liquid flux management
  • Anti-fouling capability

Our GT-OPTIMTM state-of-the-art high performance trays have been commercially proven in refinery, petrochemical, and chemical applications to achieve efficiency and capacity improvements over conventional trays.  All of our trays can be constructed of standard or exotic materials with various downcomer designs such as straight, sloped, stepped, swept and truncated. In addition, our trays deliver performance improvement through higher turndown, less weepage and lower entrainment.