Sulzer GTC Technology has extensive experience in providing optimized process design and mass transfer solutions in all major refining, petrochemical and chemical processes. Beyond providing innovative process equipment, we offer practical solutions backed by process optimization and energy saving studies. Drawing on our many years of installing licensed technology, we have the technical expertise to advise and implement mass transfer and equipment solutions including:

  • Process evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Equipment engineering, design, fabrication and delivery
  • Start-up assistance

Sulzer GTC’s product lines cover a broad spectrum of conventional and proprietary mass transfer equipment design for distillation trays, random packing, structured packing and tower internals. We focus on developing solutions to address and achieve optimum capacity and efficiency. Our standard practice is to work with clients to understand business objectives and concerns. Our full line of high performance trays and high efficiency packing approaches the ultimate theoretical capacity and efficiency of a tower and permits the mass transfer equipment to function at a wide range of operating extremes.

Our team of experienced application experts are ready to assist with engineering services, troubleshooting, column revamp solutions for capacity and efficiency improvements, fast track replacement services and turnkey installation packages.