GTC Technology’s Dividing Wall Column incorporated in TonenGeneral xylene recovery unit

HOUSTON, Texas, May 24, 2016 — GTC Technology has supplied its Advanced Distillation technology for a new mixed xylenes recovery unit for TonenGeneral Sekiyu K. K. (TonenGeneral). The grassroots unit is located at TonenGeneral’s refinery in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, and successfully started up in April 2016.

The xylene unit has capacity for 230,000 tons/yr. Unique to this design is high-purity toluene as well as high-purity C9 aromatics being produced out of the same column with the xylenes.

The unit uses GTC’s Dividing Wall Column (GT-DWC℠) technology for high energy efficiency. This installation also uses a first-of-its-kind design for DWCs with the overhead vapors providing the heating duty to two upstream units.

GTC provided a single source responsibility for process license, Basic Engineering Design, equipment supply and process guarantees.

TonenGeneral's xylene recovery unit in Ichihara City, Japan
TonenGeneral’s xylene recovery unit in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

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