LG Chem and Lotte Chem Visit SECCO GT-Styrene℠ Unit

LG Chem Group

June 24, 2019 – In the last week of February, delegation teams from both LG Chem and Lotte Chem in Korea made visits to Shanghai SECCO to observe the plant’s GT-Styrene℠ unit.  Sulzer GTC was represented by staff from the U.S., Korea and Beijing who accompanied the visitors.

Shanghai SECCO received the Korean guests warmly and showed great hospitality by organizing events, including a presentation and discussion, field site visit and working lunch.  The GT-Styrene unit at SECCO has been running since early 2012. During that time, the unit has generated a significant economic benefit for SECCO.  In the 2014-2015 time period, the net profit of this single unit accounted for approximately 50% of the net profit for the whole SECCO plant, a 1.2MMTA ethylene cracker complex.

Lotte Chem Group

“There are about 11 ethylene crackers running in Korea. A couple of others are under construction and will try to meet the supply/demand gap in the region as much as possible. Korean refiners are thinking how to make the product slate more economically competitive. Extracting styrene from raw pygas is one of the approaches that will have a big impact on their CAPEX/OPEX and profit model,” said Zhepeng Liu, Vice President, Sales and Licensing, East Hemisphere.

Randi Wytcherley, Sulzer GTC Director/R&D, who also represented GTC, said “In order to tie up some loose ends during the technology development, we have been working extensively for several years to tackle all the problems we found in the operation of our reference units. As a result, we have come out with positive technical solutions, which we intend to implement in our future GT-Styrene units.”