Sulzer GTC Beijing Awarded Large Contract for Tower Internals

Representatives from Sulzer GTC and Zhejiang Yisheng at a review meeting.

June 24, 2019 – Recently, Zhejiang Yisheng of China awarded Sulzer GTC Beijing a contract to supply tower internals for their 3MMTA PTA manufacturing plant. The new internals will equip six identical high-pressure rectification columns to recover acetic acid from the PTA reactors. The contract value is US$13.5 million. This is the largest value PET contract awarded to GTC since the company was established in 2002. The kick-off meeting took place in Beijing in April.

Zhepeng Liu, Sulzer GTC Vice President/Licensing-Eastern Hemisphere, said, “This purchase order was cut through Sulzer GTC Beijing, but the project execution once more demonstrates the strong team-work spirit among the Sulzer GTC family. Sulzer GTC Beijing and Sulzer GTC Europe did the process simulation together. Our PET group at Sulzer GTC Euless has provided the tray hydraulics data and tower internals optimization. Sulzer GTC Korea has been working on the mechanical design and will manufacture the tower internals from their Non-san shop. With this project award, Sulzer GTC proves again to the oil and gas industry that we are the best solutions and hardware provider in the field of separation technology.”

Tower internals will be delivered to the Zhejiang Yisheng site from January to April of 2020.