Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

In tandem with Sulzer GTC Technology’s licensing and process equipment offerings, our EPCm group stands ready to manage all, or part of, the design, engineering, procurement and construction phases of a project. From providing basic engineering while simultaneously providing EPCm services with special emphasis on competitively sourcing long lead items through our offices in Beijing, Korea and India, Sulzer GTC ensures that a project is completed as planned and on schedule. Relying on our technical resources throughout the world, Sulzer GTC assigns an EPCm team that is specifically designed to address the assignments successfully.

The benefit of offering BEP, FEED and proprietary/specialized/long lead items under EPCm by Sulzer GTC is the savings in project completion time and quality of the critical equipments for the client. In addition, EPCm can provide construction supervision services without the involvement of construction contracts.