Sulzer GTC’s technical service team offers:

  • Process specific training for your operating and engineering staff
  • Plant inspection to ensure compliance with Sulzer GTC’s design requirements
  • Guidance on developing plant specific operating procedures
  • On-site advisory services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, and initial operating phases of plant operation
  • Direction to enable safe achievement of full-scale production in a timely manner
  • Assistance in conducting performance guarantee test runs
  • On-going support in maintaining optimum process performance

Training is key to successfully adopting and implementing new technology.  Sulzer GTC’s training courses are designed to enable our licensees to commission and operate their plants safely and efficiently.  Utilizing customized operating guidelines developed by GTC, our classroom training courses provide in-depth coverage of the following topics:

  • Process fundamentals & operating variables
  • Startup and shutdown procedures
  • Troubleshooting guidelines
  • Process safety

Additional training needs are discussed with our licensees on a case-by-case basis and enhanced support is provided by Sulzer GTC as required.

Sulzer GTC also participates in HAZOP studies in conjunction with our proprietary technologies.  HAZOP evaluations can be carried out at a client site, contractor site or in Sulzer GTC’s offices. Technical recommendations are based on our most recent units in operation while also incorporating the most up-to-date improvements in safe operation of plants.