Sulzer GTC’s proposals, technical, and feasibility studies empower clients to make informed decisions on technical and economical aspects of upcoming projects, new technologies, and processing schemes.

Our technical proposals and feasibility studies include:

  • General overview of our technologies with comparative evaluation versus other similar processing options
  • Preliminary technical information related to material and heat balance
  • Product quality
  • Utility and energy consumption
  • Information related to all categories of waste and corresponding disposal methods
  • Sized equipment list
  • Preliminary plot area required and equipment arrangement
  • Estimates of chemical, solvent, or catalyst first charge and annual consumption
  • Economic evaluation from simple estimated investment cost of the facilities included in the project scope
  • Detailed production cost or cash flow calculations included in addition to the technical portion of each documentation

Our proposals and feasibility studies can be provided for a single case all the way to an extended comparative analysis based on different feed options, plant locations, plant capacities, or production profiles.  We can also provide proposals and feasibility studies for different scopes of work including the main processing plant as well as various auxiliary facilities required for the operation of the plant, grassroots units, or revamps of  existing facilities.

When a revamp case is evaluated, the engineering documentation includes information related to the reuse of existing equipment, a list of required new equipment, a list of idled equipment, comparative data related to increased capacity, improved product quality, and improved energy consumption of the revamped facility.

During the proposal or feasibility study preparation, Sulzer GTC works closely with clients every step of the way to ensure that goals are met.  Visits prior to the start of engineering work as well as a presentations and supporting activities during customer evaluation of our documentation are provided.