Sulzer GTC’s Basic Engineering Package (BEP) is designed so that all important technology information can efficiently and successfully be transferred to customers.  The information is constructed so that an experienced detail engineering contractor can easily execute the corresponding DE documentation.  Our BEP covers the entire technology know-how information for constructing and operating a plant.The BEP information is built on company know how, thoughtful analysis and research, proprietary simulation models, internal data bases, and monitoring of operational technologies:

Sulzer GTC’s comprehensive BEP documentation includes:

  • Detailed process flow diagrams
  • P&ID’s, heat and material balance
  • Equipment process specifications
  • Process control description
  • Instrument process specifications
  • PSV’s and flare loading specifications
  • Material of construction diagrams
  • Detailed operating instructions
  • Analytical procedure manual

Our BEP documentation covers different operating scenarios in terms of feed, product or capacity variation, offering design solutions for each of the requested cases.  The BEP documentation includes the information for all auxiliary facilities essential for the proper operation of the main processing unit.  This may include solvent facilities, regeneration systems, waste disposal systems, feed preparation facilities, special loading/unloading systems etc. Sulzer GTC’s BEP documentation for grassroots units are updated with the latest process improvements based on research and data collected from our similar units in operation.  Sulzer GTC is well known for its expertise in revamping existing units by finding innovative solutions for modernizing old facilities.  Our expertise in reconfiguring the processing scheme, implementing unique technologies and knowledge in basic unit operation makes it possible to reach unprecedented performance.