Sulzer GTC’s proprietary chemicals and catalysts are used within all of GTC-licensed technologies, and are available as part of a comprehensive technology transfer package for either grassroots projects or for revamp and replacement of existing process units. We offer a portfolio of Techtiv series high-performing extraction solvents that allow us to extend the range of operation and upgrade additional petrochemical components from wide boiling fractions.

Our solvents have versatile applications which transform low-value materials into premium value petrochemicals.Our portfolio of catalysts include selective toluene disproportionation catalyst (STDP), transalkylation catalyst, xylene isomerization catalyst, pygas hydrotreating catalyst and aromatization catalyst.

Techtiv Series Solvents

Techtiv 500 Extractive Distillation Solvent

Techtiv 500 is a proprietary blended solvent used in Sulzer GTC’s GT-BTX SelectSM aromatics extractive distillation process. Its superior combination of selectivity and solvency make it a desirable alternative to other commonly used aromatics extraction solvents.

Techtiv℠ 200 Extractive Distillation Solvent

Techtiv 200 is a proprietary blended solvent used in Sulzer GTC’s GT-StyreneSM extractive distillation process and is specifically designed for untreated pygas extraction applications.

Techtiv℠ 100 Extractive Distillation Solvent

Techtiv 100 is a proprietary blended solvent used in GTC’s GT-BTXSM  aromatics extractive distillation process and is specifically designed for the extraction of benzene, toluene and xylenes.

Techtiv℠ DS Extractive Distillation Solvent

Techtiv DS is a proprietary blended solvent used in Sulzer GTC’s GT-BTX PluSSMaromatics extractive distillation process and is specifically tailored for aromatics and sulfur separation from cracked naphtha feedstock.


Selective Toluene Disproportionation Catalyst

The selective toluene disproportionation catalyst is used in Sulzer GTC’s GT-STDP℠ process and is capable of producing paraxylene-enriched mixed xylenes product (>85 wt.% paraxylene), which can be efficiently purified to high-purity (99.9 wt.%) in the CrystPX℠ process.

Transalkylation Catalyst

The transalkylation catalyst is used in Sulzer GTC’s GT-TransAlk℠ process and is capable of handling high concentrations of C9+ aromatics along with toluene to produce high-purity benzene and equilibrium mixed xylenes.

Xylene Isomerization Catalyst

The EB-dealkylation type isomerization catalyst is used in Sulzer GTC’s GT-IsomPX℠ process and is capable of achieving high EB conversion rates while returning the paraxylene-depleted feed to equilibrium concentrations.

Pygas Hydrotreating Catalysts

The pygas hydrotreating catalysts are used to remove di-olefins (firststage hydrotreating) and olefins (second stage hydrotreating) in pyrolysis gasoline. The C6– C8 cut after second stage hydrotreating is the feedstock for our GT-BTXSM  process to produce benzene, toluene, and mixed xylenes.

Aromatization Catalysts

Aromatization catalysts are used in aromatization technologies either for octane improvement of straight-run gasoline and natural gas condensate or aromatics production with C4– C8 olefins as feedstock.