GTC Article in Hydrocarbon Processing: Distillation – Then and Now

August 2016 – This article is educational for those interested in the history of distillation practices, and also those who want to jump straight to the present state-of-the-art.  The tri-partite authors include a long-time expert in the industry with more than 40 years’ experience; a relative newcomer with astounding innovations; and someone in-between, having experience […]

GTC Article in PTQ: Enhancing Fractionator Efficiency

April 2016 – Properly designed vapor and liquid distribution devices enable more effective distillation column efficiency Number of trays and packed bed height are both primary parameters in determining the degree of separation of a distillation column. However, this factor alone cannot guarantee targeted distillation column efficiency. Vapor and liquid distribution devices play a vital […]

GTC Article in Hydrocarbon Engineering: A New Catalyst Approach

December 2015 – Due to global tightening on sulfur emission regulations, chemical plants worldwide are facing the task of either upgrading existing sulfur processing units or installing new units to meet regulations. Sulfur recovery requirements, depending on the local permit requirements, are generally 99% and upwards. Article Summary Traditional Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) have a […]

GTC Article In PTQ: Optimising Preflash For Light Tight Oil Processing

September 2015 – For a crude unit handling light tight oil feedstock, a semi-preflash column can deliver significant advantages in energy saving, capacity gain and revamp economics. Article Summary The basic function of a crude distillation unit is to provide the initial separation of crude oil feed into the desired fractions to feed downstream units. […]

Dr. Rao Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. T.S.R. Prasada Rao, longtime Sulzer GTC consultant and collaborator in India, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at PETROTECH 2014 in January. The award recognizes Dr. Rao’s numerous pioneering contributions in the field of Research & Development to the Indian petroleum and petrochemical industries. PETROTECH is attended each year by high level oil & […]

Optimising Crude Unit Design

April 2009 – Real retrofit examples demonstrate how crude units can be successfully optimised with the crude slates currently being processed. Process design strategies are discussed in detail and highlight how retrofit targets are achieved. Complete the form below to download the article.