GTC Article in PTQ: Dividing Wall Columns For Gas Plants

April 2018 – In this article, the authors discuss the distinct advantages that DWCs can offer to improve and modify traditional gas plant process schemes, with emphasis on Top DWCs. Please complete the form below to download the article.

Linde Selects GT-BTX℠ for Aromatics Extraction Unit

Sulzer GTC Technology has signed an agreement with Linde AG to provide its GT-BTX℠ licensed technology for a grassroots benzene production facility. Linde was selected by PJSC «Nizhnekamskneftekhim» (NKNK) to provide engineering and procurement for the new EP-600-1 cracker plant, located in Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. The new GT-BTX℠ unit will process a full […]

Haike Selects GT-BTX℠ for New Unit

  Recently, Haike Group selected GT-BTX℠ technology for a 600KTA aromatics extraction and separation unit at their second refinery site (this subsidiary is known as Haike Ruilin) located at Dongying Port Economical Development Zone in Shandong Province. This is the fourth unit that Haike Group has awarded to GTC. The first three are a GT-BTX […]

GTC Article in Hydrocarbon Processing: Heavy Crude Oil Processing Design & Reliability

January 2018 – Incorrect or lack of equipment modifications to process heavy crude oils has caused refiners to experience high manpower costs in monitoring and troubleshooting operational headaches, high equipment replacement costs, increased processing costs, product yield losses, and lost production due to increased downtime. Please complete the form below to download the article.

GTC Article in Chemical Processing: Dividing Wall Column Provides Sizable Energy Savings

May 2017 – As energy sectors enter a phase emphasizing energy reduction, interest is growing in dividing wall column (DWC) technology for distillation.  This article takes a look at an installation at a refinery complex in Chiba, Japan, owned by the TonenGeneral Group.  There, the DWC recovers 230,000 t/y of high-purity mixed xylenes from a […]

Sulzer GTC Provides Isomerization and Dividing Wall Technology at BPCL Refinery in India

HOUSTON, Texas, March 28, 2017 — Sulzer GTC Technology has provided its low-temperature Isomalk-2℠ process technology for the successful start-up of a light naphtha isomerization unit at the Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ltd. (BPCL) refinery in Mumbai, India. The unit will produce an isomerate gasoline blend stock component. The overall process includes a naphtha hydrotreating and […]

GTC Article in PTQ: Converting two columns into one

Dividing wall columns (DWC) offer a fresh perspective on traditional distillation techniques. Current-day refiners continuously face the challenge of keeping capital and energy costs low. Toward that end, DWC technology can provide a definitive edge. DWC columns, in general, have proven to save approximately 10-30% in energy and capital costs. By providing highly customized and […]

GTC Article in PTQ: Balanced Distillation Equipment Design

January 2017 – Fouling resistance and efficiency requirements for distillation equipment are balanced and optimized for reliable unit performance Fouling tendency is a critical issue in crude distillation units and should not be overlooked when designing crude distillation columns. Corrosion tendency can influence fouling issues as well. Since fouling resistance has an inverse relationship to […]

GTC Article in PTQ: Improved Distillation Efficiency

October 2016 – Dividing wall column technology applied to a xylenes separation project delivered superior energy efficiency compared to a two-column arrangement. As the global energy sector enters a new phase centered on energy reduction, dividing wall columns (DWC) are providing a unique way to meet the current challenges facing the refining and petrochemical industries. […]