GTC Article in Hydrocarbon Processing: Dividing Wall Column Applications in FCC Naphtha Splitter Columns

September 2017 – Dividing Wall Column (DWC) technology is becoming more widely accepted throughout the process industries as a means to increase efficiency and reduce capital and energy costs. To illustrate the advantages of applying DWC technology for the revamp of existing distillation columns, a fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) at a refinery owned by a major refinery corporation in India is examined here.

This unit separates cracked naphtha into three streams, including wide-boiling cracked naphtha. However, a significant overlap was noticed between the side cut and the bottom product due to a poor degree of separation. In the process flow scheme, the side cut product (heart-cut naphtha) is transported as feed to a platformer unit. Due to the high amount of heavy boiling components in the stream, additional processing was required to meet the platformer unit feed specifications.

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